Your company is based in Syria,
you wish to establish yourself in France?
You are a Syrian institution,
you wish to advertise in France?
Riwal Syria brings to you all the necessary help
for the realisation of your project.

Riwal, etymology

The Breton existence of this masculine name goes back to Vth century and the arrival of the very first emigrants from insular Brittany, current Great Britain. Considered as the king of insular Domnonia, relative of Saint Brieg and Saint Tudal, it is said of Saint Riwal that he rerouted the Danish near Carentec and remains as of this day the patron of the city of Saint-Rivoal in the Finistère (29). The root of these Celtic terms "Ri" means "King" and "Gwal" means "Value".

Since 4 years, Riwal L'Agence, specialised in visual and events advertising, develops privileged relations with Syria. In the framework of the promotion of the famous confectioner Ghraoui, we have created an office at Damas, Riwal Syria, in order to be able to maintain our relations with this country whose richness and potential remains to be discovered.